12 Days of Christmas, Day 10: Why I Started Density Industries


I own Density Industries, an online media-marketing agency.  I started Density in 2016 with a friend of mine from Connecticut.  We started it because we saw the marketing agencies out there right now and there wasn’t one that covered everything from consulting about what a company needs, through building the site from scratch, to putting the site up and all the way through starting it and running ad campaigns.  We are the one company that a business can look to that provide these services.


Because we provide all the aforementioned services we can provide them all at a much cheaper price point than if customers were to go to different companies for each service they needed.


As we started to accept jobs we realized not only that we were very good at what we were doing but also the market was very underserved.  The people who came to us would often mention that they had searched around quite a bit for an all-in-one service that was reasonably priced but struggled to find one, with just Tim and I working we were able to complete websites on comparable timelines for a fraction of the price.


For now, Density may only be a side job but there is no doubt that as we build up our reputation, portfolio, and skills that it will become a full-time job and a sustainable company.

Zachary MartinComment